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  Unique solution on the market to manage WSX5 invoices !!!   
New feature: to send invoice to customer by ONE click

Why WSX5 Invoice Manager ?
WSX5 Invoice Manager has been created to help any WSX5 website user to improve their e-Commerce website administration.
By default the WSX5 software has no many e-Commerce options to create a backoffice interface for administrators.

WSX5 Invoice Manage ris a powerful back-office application for your WSX5 e-Commerce website. This application can help you follow & track all orders from your online store.

You can use WSX5 Invoice Manager for the following purposes:

  • Create an invoice out (pdf or printing format) of received order in a few clicks.
  • Full customization of your pdf invoice generation (texts, logo ...).
  • List and display all orders generated sorted by company name.
  • List and display all orders generated sorted by user name.
  • Customization on how the data are presented to you to be easyly readable.
  • Export or print any database information;
  • Send directly the pdf invoice file to the customer by one click only
  • Track all stock information with noticeable graphical representation of the stock-limits;
  • Stock alerting on low stock.
  • Create many graphical and dashboard statistics (delivery by town, delivery by country, orders by user, payments statistics, orders by price ..

    ... and many other useful options!

WSX5 Invoice Manager is the unique tool on the market to work directly with your WSX5 database !

What is WSX5 Invoice Manager ?
WSX5 Invoice Manager plug-in is a great tool to help you administrate order aspect of your e-Commerce site made by Incomedia’s WebSite X5.

It has a ton of options not provided in the original admin panel – and if you own a webshop (large or small) you must have it!

WSX5 Invoice Manager is very easy to integrate into your WebSite X5 project – and this plug-in will be up and running in no time!

The graphical interface is very intuitive and accessible from any device (desktop, smartphone, tablet…)! All database information are now readily available and you can obtain many important information not provided by the original control panel.

All data can be filtered, sorted, printed, exported… so you can find the info you need in seconds!

Many modules are already implemented into this useful tool – and if your webshop gets many orders and customers on a monthly simply must have it!

How WSX5 Invoice Manager works ?
WSX5 Invoice Manageris an full graphical interface based on web 2.0 to manage your data througth a database.  The graphical interface will work with any browser (it just needs to accept cookies to run correctly).

During the installation of application on your webserver, you will have to configure the application to be connected with your e-Commerce database (do not worry, it's easy - you'll get a step-by-step instruction on how to do that). And that's all you have to do!

WSX5 Admin will use all data into your database to present different views, statistics, printouts, exports ...etc... through the plug-in interface. No data will be modified by the application  - so, your WSX5 generated data is perfectly safe!

It is a full PHP application created by the powerful framework used by AF Software. With this framework AF Software can develop an application with no PHP coding to reduce any potential bugs.

What are the main features of WSX5 Invoice Manager ?

WSX5 Invoice Manager is provided into only one version:

This version has many features are included, like:

  • Involice generator (language, text customization, logo ...) into pdf/printing format.
  • Displaying customization.
  • Information on orders directly by company name
  • Information on orders by user name or other filterings.
  • Invoice sending to customer by email in one click
  • Statistics.
  • Full dashboard.


How to buy WSX5 Invoice Manager ?

WSX5 Invoice Manager

Lifetime version
139.00 €

WSX5 Invoice Manager could be purchased in one FULL version only:

Beside the possibility to create invoices from your orders in a just few clicks - you can easily obtain any information regarding orders, users, delivery, payment, stock management (with product-quantity alert system) and a complete dashboard with full eCommerce statistics.

(*) For localization we can integrate it into the interface. Contact us for more information.

On the right - just selected the product that suites you. Click on the add to cart button and proceed to make the payment.

How to test it?
WSX5  Invoice Manager plugin provides on this page one plugin available to help you and to have a real added value to distribute your development.
This tool is really complementary at WSX5 and give a real powerfull usage.

This part of software can help you and your customers to have an integrated solution in their website to manage the orders & invoices into the WSX5 database
Customer or you can manage directly data.
E-Commerce infos are implemented to manage them (stock management, orders,payments, pricing, invoice generator ...etc)
Many statistics & dashboards are also provide to help you and customers
The PDF / Printing invoice generator includes into the tool is fully customizable (language, content, logo ..etc..)

Click below to test the online demo. We can provide to you a package to test it into your environment with a trial license.


How the support is done ?
The WSX5 Invoice Manager plug-in support will be done via a dedicated BugTracking System available for all users.

The technical support is done promptly and the focus will always be on fixing bugs first. For all new features / ideas, just AF Software will decide if this feature is doable or not.

Because the database is not created by AF Software, some things are not possible to fix/edit because the date are not set into the database as it should properly be.

AF Software will do its maximum to satisfy any customer with current and future versions of the plug-ins.

To see what's NEW or to find the HELP fast - go directly to our dedicated Bugtracking System, click on the button below if you have already an activated license.

User's feedback is here !
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16 Sep 2021
awesome Axel...I'm using often some your free tools !

And your custom payments are very useful and simply to configure it.
05 Jan 2021
Merci beaucoup... super outils
12 Dec 2020
Very nice Axel... don't stop
22 Nov 2020
Excellent tools... I recommend
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